Hanbury Brown螺旋效应的另一种新螺旋

相互排斥的波色-爱因斯坦和费米-迪拉克统计学首次同时在相同的仪器上发现。荷兰和法国的物理学家宣告了这一消息,他们对两种氦同位素原子的Hanbury Brown 螺旋效应进行了研究。这个发现可能使量子相关性的直接观测成为可能。

Another new twist on the Hanbury Brown-Twiss effect (Jan 24)


Bose-Einstein and Fermi-Dirac statistics, which are by definition mutually exclusive, have been witnessed in the same apparatus for the first time. This is the claim of physicists in the Netherlands and France, who investigated the atomic "Hanbury Brown-Twiss effect" for two isotopes of helium. The discovery could make direct observations of
quantum correlations possible (Nature 445 402).